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Get certified as a Plant-Based Coach.

Enrollment is open once per year and is limited to only 300 participants.

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Find Fulfillment and Success

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out on a coaching journey, integrating evidence-based nutrition and behavior change into your life and your career opens doors to endless possibilities.

For new or aspiring coaches, this is an exciting opportunity to make an impact with your passion for health and well-being, creating positive change from the start. If you’re an experienced coach or health professional, embracing the plant-based coaching approach adds a powerful dimension to your existing expertise, enhancing your ability to support clients on their wellness journeys.

Regardless of your background or your plans, becoming a plant-based coach empowers you to foster transformation, find personal fulfillment, and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

Now is your chance to join the premier coaching certification that combines in-depth plant-based nutrition, results-based coaching skills, and training to help you generate more income and more impact — while making a positive difference in the world.

Do Work That Makes A Difference

This is for you if you want to:

  • Bring evidence-based and plant-based nutrition and behavior changes into your existing healthcare or coaching practice;
  • Start a plant-based coaching practice doing work you love;
  • Gain meaningful employment or add to your professional experience;
  • Support healthy behavior change in the lives of the people you love most (starting with yourself!); or
  • Be an effective agent of change within your community
It’s time to take your place as a leader in the plant-based food revolution!

The World Needs You

Despite advances in modern medicine, people are sicker than ever, and it seems only to be getting worse. Rates of heart disease, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, autoimmune conditions, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, and other chronic lifestyle diseases are spiraling out of control.

The US now spends more than $4 trillion per year on medical care, and up to 80% of that spending is on chronic conditions, many of which could be prevented or even reversed with diet and lifestyle changes.1

Decades of evidence-based research show us that a whole foods plant-based diet is the number one way to promote lasting health.

Adopting a plant-based diet is also proven to protect the environment in profound ways. And more people than ever are asking for a cruelty-free approach to eating that doesn’t depend on animal products.

This can’t wait.

Animal agriculture is one of the most environmentally destructive practices on Earth — fueling deforestation, air and water pollution, topsoil erosion, and climate chaos. The single act of raising livestock for food is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the sum total of all transportation emissions.2

Replacing animal products with plant-based food is critical to the sustainability of ecosystems, and the wellbeing of future generations.

The survival of our species and countless others is in our hands, and there’s no time to waste.

More people than ever are revved up and motivated to make a change.

Between 2004 and 2019, the number of Americans who identify as vegan increased 30-fold, from about 200,000 to about 10 million.3 And more than half of all Americans now report trying to eat more plant-based foods.4

Hundreds of millions of people are going plant-based. And now we’re seeing vegetarian burgers in Burger King and Carl’s Jr, and sales of oat, almond, and other non-dairy milk taking a serious bite out of the dairy industry.

That’s incredible news. Large-scale change is underway.


Unfortunately, a lot of people are going “plant-based” without guidance or support, and in some cases, causing more harm than good.

  • They’re putting themselves at risk of missing out on critical nutrients like B12, DHA, EPA, vitamin D, and even iodine and zinc.
  • They’re often replacing animal products with processed vegan junk food — which can sometimes even lead to worse health outcomes.
  • They’re struggling with how to handle their cravings for their old favorites, and over time social pressures, old habits, or lack of energy may drag them back.
  • Or they’re struggling with ongoing health issues but unaware of the long list of extraordinary benefits linked to a whole foods plant-based diet — including slashing the risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, depression, and more.

And most people still don’t know about the benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet.

That’s where the right coach comes in. That’s where YOU come in.

Do you want to help change the way the world eats?

We urgently need leaders, experts, and coaches who can bring this food-based movement to more people, and in a deeper, more personal way with:

1) Nutrition.

Life-changing, evidence-based, whole foods plant-based nutrition information.

2) Coaching.

Skills to help people create lasting and meaningful behavior change for themselves, their families, and their communities.

3) Impact.

Advance the food revolution by starting or growing a coaching business, gaining employment and professional skills, or working to influence change in your family and community.

That’s why we’ve designed the world’s most comprehensive plant-based coaching certification program, combining all three of these critical pillars, to help today’s brightest and most passionate leaders step deeper into their roles as agents for change.

Help people live longer, happier, and healthier lives

Imagine Being on the Road To…

  • Knowing the latest plant-based nutrition facts
  • Having confidence in your ability to do more than just educate your clients and community members — but also to help them make lasting changes
  • Enjoying a steady and expanding stream of income, earned by helping people get healthy
  • Creating a ripple effect of positive change within your social networks
  • Experiencing your own health transformation as you put your nutrition training to use in your own life
  • Understanding digital marketing, with potential to make a difference and earn money from things like blogging, podcasts, social media, speaking on stages, building a membership community, writing books, and hosting online summits
  • Getting tear-filled testimonials from your clients thanking you for changing their lives
  • Getting referrals easily — because your clients or patients rave about you to everyone they know
  • Feeling proud, knowing that you’re helping to end intergenerational patterns of poor health for the people you serve


The Premier Coaching Certification To Combine Plant-Based Nutrition, Coaching, and Impact

Together, We Can Create

A movement that stands up to the status quo
A world where people who are working for good can make a healthy living
A flexible work schedule where you get to inspire meaningful change for individuals, families, and communities
A healthier, less polluted planet
A new standard of ethics that respects all of life (including animals!)
An end to chronic diseases that can be prevented with diet and lifestyle
A healthy living, promoting healthy people and a healthy planet

When I learned that the Food Revolution Network (FRN) was offering a Plant-Based Coaching Certification Program, I was elated. I couldn’t imagine any organization that would be better equipped to take on this task.

I have been impressed by the FRN team for two main reasons. First, they are motivated by love and compassion, and that shines through in everything they do. Second, they are highly committed to evidence-based learning and scientific accuracy. In other words, this program was designed to help committed individuals become reliable, conscious agents of change.

When I was asked to serve as one of the guest faculty, I was deeply honored to have this opportunity to help educate our future leaders in plant-based coaching. The program is everything I imagined and more. It covers all bases—every aspect of plant-based nutrition, high-end coaching skills, and the tools needed to succeed in a very competitive marketplace.

If you are passionate about helping individuals, families, and communities shift towards more healthful, kinder, and more sustainable choices, this course is exactly what you have been looking for.

headshot of Brenda

Brenda Davis, RD, plant-based trailblazer, author, speaker

This Is For You If You Are…

Passionate about the power of a whole foods, plant-based lifestyle

and ready to spread the word so you can help people heal their lives

An aspiring leader

who wants to take the plant-based revolution to your communities — and to affect change on a local and global level

Looking to make a difference doing something that really matters

with the potential to make a living helping people create lasting and health-promoting habit change

And you want to be a positive influence on the future of the planet and all its inhabitants.

Food Revolution Network’s Plant-Based Coaching Certification is open to an extremely limited number of participants (just 300!) who want to expand their current skills to include plant-based nutrition coaching. Enrollment opens only once a year to ensure a cohesive cohort of students in a small-group learning environment.

Upon completion, you’ll be able to put your skills to use in a practically limitless variety of settings, from your own coaching business to wellness centers, spas, holistic healthcare offices, senior centers, schools, restaurants, faith-based communities, at the government level, with your own family and friends, and more.

The first transformation is your own

Whether you are already plant-based, looking to become plant-based, or simply want to eat more highly nutritious plant-based foods, you’ll gain a world-class education in the nutrition foundation that will benefit your own health and well-being.

You’ll learn the dietary pattern that’s followed by the world’s longest-living people so you can incorporate the planet’s healthiest food into your own diet — as you reap the rewards of more energy, greater joy and vitality, disease prevention, and longevity.

These testimonials reflect the experiences of our Plant-Based Coaching Certification graduates. ​​Each of them is unique. And so are you! Your experiences will vary, of course. And no, we never offer compensation for these statements!

Food Revolution Network's Plant-Based Coaching Certification was truly the answer to my prayers and I am so eternally grateful.

Over the years that followed the death of my parents – my father from Alzheimer's disease and my mother from cancer, I did a vast amount of research regarding health and nutrition but found it to be overwhelming and confusing. I just hoped and prayed that I would find a way that I could condense this information into one tidy practical ‘package.’ And thankfully, along came Ocean Robbins with this amazing program and its equally amazing, highly qualified, professional instructors and facilitators.

I value the PBCC so highly because, not only did I learn through Pillar 1-Plant-Based Nutrition, about the vast intricacies of the human body and exactly what it needs to be truly healthy at any age, but also, through Pillar 2-Coaching, I gained the knowledge and confidence to successfully share this vital information with others, hoping to end unnecessary suffering and disease. Do not hesitate in taking this course! You have no idea what a beautiful, powerful, and positive impact you could have in this world! Thank you to EVERYBODY in the Food Revolution Network for making this course possible.

headshot of terri

Terri B.

I joined Food Revolution Network’s Plant-Based Coaching Certification because its curriculum filled the gap in my existing nutritional education! Not only did it teach me so much about nutrition, it also taught me how to be an effective coach and how to market my coaching business for more customers. Finally, I have the support and resources I need to meet my needs.

Bonnie N.

Live Trainings with Q&A
Recorded Trainings
Expert Faculty
Peer Community
Downloadable Handouts
Certification Exam

100% Online Access

Seamlessly weave your studies into your life with a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. All live components are recorded, so you can absorb them any time you like. You’ll have access to the training material even after you graduate so that you can return to it anytime.

Curriculum & Faculty

Our three-Pillar training consists of video/audio lessons, transcripts, reusable handouts, live Q&A calls and groups, live group Practice Pods, and written materials for a dynamic and interactive learning experience.

Pillars 1 (Nutrition) and 2 (Coaching) contain practice comprehension quizzes, as well as a midterm and final exam — exams are required if you want to achieve certification. Pillar 3 (Impact) provides top-notch information on how to take your learnings and share them with as many people in the world as possible, whether that be through a coaching practice, employment, or as a community leader.

Participation in Pillar 3 is encouraged to help you make the Impact you want to make in the world but is not required for certification.

Pillar 1:

Whole Food, Plant-Based Nutrition

Approximately 35–50+ hours to complete

Gain comprehensive insights into the essentials of whole food, plant-based nutrition. We’ll cover specific nutrients, disease prevention, and lifestyle medicine. Learn to clear up common controversies and steer clients and your communities towards a healthy way of eating they can sustain.

Lead Faculty:
Nichole Dandrea-Russert, MS, RDN

Lead Dietitian & Recipe Developer, Food Revolution Network

Nichole Dandrea-Russert, MS, RDN, is Food Revolution Network’s Dietitian and Recipe Developer. Her focus is plant-based eating for the body and the mind, and for the health of the planet. She is the author of The Fiber Effect: Stop Counting Calories and Start Counting Fiber for Better Health, The Vegan Athlete’s Nutrition Handbook: The Essential Guide for Plant-Based Performance, and co-author, with Ocean Robbins, of Real Superfoods Cookbook. She’s a nutrition spokesperson for The Weather Channel’s AMHQ and Pattrn, and has been featured in Eating Well, Women’s Health, Yoga Journal, Forbes Health, and Business Insider. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and rescue pup, Mariposa.

Brenda Davis, RD

Million-copy bestselling author and plant-based nutrition expert

Brenda Davis, registered dietitian, is a world leading plant-based pioneer and an internationally acclaimed researcher and speaker. A prolific writer, Brenda is best known for the bestselling Becoming Vegan books, which have become classic “go-to” volumes for people seeking to make a healthy plant-based transition. Overall, her books have sold nearly a million copies and been translated into 15 languages. Brenda has been lead dietitian in a diabetes intervention research project in the Marshall Islands, and has trained teachers in all public schools on the islands to deliver a K-6 nutrition education curriculum. Brenda has authored and co-authored numerous professional and lay articles and is a past chair of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association.

Michael Klaper, MD

One of the foremost plant-based nutrition experts in the world

Michael Klaper, MD, has practiced preventive and nutritional medicine for more than four decades. He has served as nutrition advisor to NASA’s programs for space colonists on the Moon and Mars, and on the Nutrition Task Force of the American Medical Students’ Association. He is the co-founder of Moving Medicine Forward, which brings nutritional education into medical schools. Dr. Klaper is also the author of several books, a popular speaker, and one of the foremost experts in the world on how you can use food and lifestyle to take your health to the next level.

Roman Pawlak, PhD, RD

Associate Professor of Nutrition and Author

Roman is a Professor of Nutrition in the Department of Nutrition Science at East Carolina University. He has published over 40 scientific manuscripts, nine books, and numerous articles in popular magazines and websites. He’s taught nutrition on five continents (North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa) and is a recipient of the European Commission’s Erasmus+ teaching scholarship. Roman is also an avid traveler who has visited over 70 countries. His special interests include playing tennis, gardening, Bible studies and going on mission trips. He is married and has two dogs.

Guest Faculty:
Joel Kahn, MD
Ocean Robbins
John Robbins
Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD
Columbus Batiste, MD
Mimi Guarneri, MD
Kristi Funk, MD
Joel Fuhrman, MD
Uma Naidoo, MD
Neal Barnard, MD
Chef Rani Polak, MD
Deborah Rozman, PhD
Robert Cheek
Ayesha Sherzai, MD
James Marin, RD, EN
Dahlia Marin, RDN, LD, CGN
Module 1:

Plant-Based Nutrition Fundamentals, Facts & Fiction

Learn the foundations of nutrition fundamentals. From digestion to absorption, and macronutrients to micronutrients to metabolism, you’ll learn the essentials of a whole foods plant-based diet. We’ll also cover specific considerations for plant-based diets, myths, and misconceptions, and when to consider supplements.

Lesson 1: Back To Basics

Lesson 2: Nutrients

Lesson 3: Plant-Based Myths and Controversies

Lesson 4: Plant-Based Considerations

Live Call: Nutrition Deep Dive and Q&A

Module 2:

Defining Well-Being and FRN’s “Big Tent” Approach

Health and wellness involves more than the absence of disease. You’ll learn a multidimensional and holistic approach to wellness, starting with the fundamentals of a plant-based diet. We’ll review various food pyramids and popular diets, such as raw, low-carb, and intermittent fasting, and discuss their potential drawbacks.

Lesson 5: Well-Being Concepts

Lesson 6: Defining “Plant-Based”

Lesson 7: The FRN “Big Tent” Approach To Nutrition

Lesson 8: Eating For General Well-Being Vs Therapeutic Interventions

Live Call: Nutrition Deep Dive and Q&A

Module 3:

Plant-Based Health and Chronic Disease - Part I

Get an overview of common chronic diseases and conditions. Learn what places individuals at higher risk for heart disease, obesity, inflammation, diabetes, and cancer — and natural foods for prevention. We’ll also cover common gut health topics, including food allergies and intolerances, the role of the microbiome, SIBO, IBS, IBD, and leaky gut.

Lesson 9: Weight Management & Diabetes

Lesson 10: Weight Management & Food Addiction

Lesson 11: Heart Health

Lesson 12: Stress, Emotions & The Heart

Lesson 13: Gut Health

Lesson 14: Breast Cancer

Lesson 15: Eat to Starve Cancer

Live Call: Nutrition Deep Dive and Q&A

Module 4:

Plant-Based Health & Chronic Disease - Part II

This module covers common chronic diseases, including depression, anxiety, dementias, and autoimmune conditions. Learn the foundations of the thyroid, hormone systems in men and women, and the biology of the endocrine system and common disruptors. We’ll also cover foods for longevity, mood, focus, and anti-inflammation.

Lesson 16: Hormonal Balance

Lesson 17: Brain Health

Lesson 18: Immune Health & Inflammation

Lesson 19: Longevity

Live Call: Nutrition Deep Dive and Q&A

Module 5:

The Plant-Based Kitchen

Discover how simple it can be to shop for organic whole foods and avoid processed foods, chemicals, and additives. We’ll cover the essential array of plant-based foods, including greens, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and superfoods. You’ll get lessons in choosing healthy plant-based fats, cooking without oil, and seasonings that transform vegetables into delicious meals. After this module, you’ll be able to provide instruction on shortcuts, meal planning, and healthy eating on a budget.

Lesson 20: The Whole Foods, Plant-Based Pantry

Lesson 21: Ingredients

Lesson 22: Fat & Flavors

Lesson 23: Plant-Based Cooking

Lesson 24: Food As Medicine

Live Call: Nutrition Deep Dive and Q&A

Module 6:

Lifestyle & Health

Discover what it takes to create total wellness beyond food. You’ll learn how to recognize symptoms of depression and refer treatment; guide clients to improve sleep through nutrition and other best practices; recommended guidelines for movement for disease prevention; nutrition for injury recovery and increased athletic performance; and how nutrition can be used to address addictive behavior including smoking and alcohol use.

Lesson 25: Plant-Based Living

Lesson 26: The Impact of Stress & Emotional Wellness

Lesson 27: Movement As Medicine

Lesson 28: Sleep and Circadian Rhythm

Lesson 29: Using Nutrition To Create Healthy Habits

Live Call: Nutrition Deep Dive and Q&A

Pillar 2:


Approximately 35–50+ hours to complete

Go beyond simply presenting nutrition information and gain skills to successfully facilitate lasting behavior change. Learn to empower your clients and community members to prioritize self-care based on personal preferences and self-selected values. Discover frameworks for leading client sessions and explore options for working in various environments – including individual sessions, groups, and corporate settings.

Lead Faculty:
Tracy Garrigan, CHHC

PBCC Founding Director & Program Manager, Food Revolution Network

For over a decade, Tracy Garrigan has coached private clients around the world, helped deliver performance nutrition programs to fitness facilities, facilitated corporate wellness programs, and created content to help digital platforms deliver nutrition and health education to the masses. Tracy has partnered with wellness practitioners to offer coaching in clinical settings for improved health outcomes. She has served as Community Success Manager for WHOLE Life Club and has helped to develop many of Food Revolution Network’s online learning programs such as Healthy Heart, Tackling Type 2, and the Fourteen Day Accelerator program. She currently serves as Founding Director and Program Manager for our Plant-Based Coaching Certification where she enjoys delivering a world-class education in long-term behavior change for plant-based eaters with our community of heart-centered professionals.

Howard Jacobson, PhD

Co-founder & Lead Instructor, WellStart Health Coaching Academy

Howard Jacobson, PhD, is an executive coach, health coach, and bestselling author and coauthor. His books include You Can Change Other People (with Peter Bregman), Sick to Fit (with Josh LaJaunie), Whole (with T. Colin Campbell), and Proteinaholic (with Garth Davis, MD). He hosts the Plant Yourself Podcast and trains health coaches at the WellStart Health Coaching Academy.

Melinda Cohan

Co-founder & CEO, The Coaches Console

Melinda Cohan is the business coach to coaches. She achieved fast success when she launched her own coaching business, quickly replacing the income from her previous job as a workplace-efficiency interior designer.

In 2004, she started helping other coaches grow their businesses, based on a vision she’d scribbled on the back of a napkin to “eliminate the burdens and distractions of coaches” using her expertise in designing systems. She became the co-founder and CEO of The Coaches Console, now a multi-7-figure software, training, and coaching company that has helped more than 76,000 coaches create profitable and thriving businesses.

As a passion project, Melinda also supports women in living their best life by helping to eliminate the burdens and distractions from period and menstrual problems. As a co-owner in Perfect Period, a proprietary 5-herb tincture blend, she helps women reclaim this part of their life so they can show up more fully and freely in all parts of their life. Melinda believes that a woman's period is something to be celebrated, not just tolerated or treated.

Makini Duewa, NBC-HWC

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Functional Nutrition, Holistic Health, and Lifestyle Practitioner

Makini Duewa is a national board-certified health & wellness coach, childbirth doula and educator. She has devoted the last 20 years to coaching, consulting and facilitating wellness spaces, as well as educating and advocating for birthing mothers and families. Makini runs successful community wellness programs across the country, such as: One Year Wellness Journey, One Year Wellness Mastery and Resilient- which is being piloted in parent communities and educator development workshops in the Bay Area. Her ultimate goal is to play a crucial role in helping to end the epidemic of preventable illness & chronic diseases through her programs and private coaching.

Guest Faculty:
Margaret Moore, MBA
Erika Jackson, MA, MCC
Elliott Connie, MA, LPC
Nancy Stubbs
Marian Blum, LAc, NBC-HWC
Anu Gupta
Kate Steinbacher
Jeanne Schumacher, M.Ed, Ed.D
Chef Mark Reinfield
Module 1:

The Role of the Coach

Gain foundational principles for helping clients and community members create lasting behavior change. You will learn how to effectively give recommendations, maintain professional boundaries, engage clients in problem-solving, and stay within the scope of practice. We’ll also cover guidelines for the ethical treatment of clients.

Lesson 1: What is Coaching?

Lesson 2: The Foundation of Coaching

Lesson 3: Theories of Behavior and Change

Lesson 4: Scope of Practice, Standards, and Legalities

Live Call: Coaching Deep Dive and Q&A

Module 2:

Fundamental Coaching Skills I

Get an overview of working with clients, from the initial consultation to the final session. You’ll gain assessment tools to conduct health history and symptom surveys, learn how to help clients arrive at achievable goals and action steps, and get resources for progress tracking and relapse prevention.

Lesson 5: Establishing the Client-Coach Relationship

Lesson 6: Active Listening

Lesson 7: Reflecting, Reframing, and Presence

Lesson 8: Choice, Autonomy, and Motivation

Lesson 9: Clarifying Client Goals & Values

Lesson 10: Facilitating Client Awareness, Perspective Shifts & Insights

Live Call: Coaching Deep Dive and Q&A

Module 3:

Fundamental Coaching Skills II

Learn how to elicit the client’s intrinsic motivation based on their own purpose, meaning, values, and preferences. In addition to principles of successful goal setting, you’ll learn how to help clients stay accountable, build trust and rapport, navigate challenges and setbacks, and gain awareness of important non-verbal cues so that you help clients stay connected in their sessions.

Lesson 11: Solution-Focused Coaching

Lesson 12: Focusing, Refocusing, and Expanding Conversations

Lesson 13: Creating and Implementing Action Plans

Lesson 14: Measuring Success and Accountability

Lesson 15: The Importance of Racial Mindfulness in Coaching

Live Call: Coaching Deep Dive and Q&A

Module 4:

The Coaching Framework

Gain essential coaching skills including building emotional intelligence, effectively attending to the client’s current state, showing empathy, working through client resistance, asking powerful questions, helping clients expand their awareness, and interrupting and redirecting conversations.

Lesson 16: Preparing for Your Client

Lesson 17: The First Session & Understanding Your Client

Lesson 18: Subsequence Sessions & Constructive Feedback

Lesson 19: The 30-Day Out & Final Coaching Session

Live Call: Coaching Deep Dive and Q&A

Module 5:

Additional Support

Discover how to offer positive reframing to keep clients motivated. You’ll learn how to help clients develop strong support systems and adopt a growth mindset and resources for overcoming obstacles. We’ll also teach strengths-based coaching techniques and how to address clients’ self-defeating perceptions.

Lesson 20: Building & Improving Support

Lesson 21: Developing Positive Psychological Resources

Lesson 22: How to Support Clients in Obtaining Credible Health & Wellness Information

Lesson 23: Coaching Clients With Chronic Disease

Live Call: Coaching Deep Dive and Q&A

Module 6:

Plant-Based Coaching in the World

Learn the most common scenarios for bringing your coaching practice to more people. We’ll cover how to design a six-month program for individuals or groups, and how to set up automated self-paced courses. Discover how to offer coaching to businesses and large organizations, complete with lesson plans and accountability tools.

Lesson 24: Private Coaching

Lesson 25: Group Coaching

Lesson 26: Self-Paced & Automated Online Programs

Lesson 27: Corporate Wellness Programs

Lesson 28: Culinary Coaching

Live Call: Coaching Deep Dive and Q&A

Practice Pods

Built into the curriculum are small weekly group Practice Pods where you’ll get hands-on experience putting your new coaching skills into action. You’ll learn how to gain critical experience before you start working with others on a more professional basis.

This level of personalized attention will help you build your confidence quickly as you apply what you’re learning to real-life scenarios with your fellow participants.

Best of all, this is the place to kickstart your own personal health transformation as you learn to work with the success principles of a whole food, plant-based lifestyle.

Pillar 3:


Approximately 13+ hours to complete (more for implementation)

As you gain knowledge and skills, it’s time to share them with the world! And with the help of the Impact pillar, you’ll know how to find YOUR best pathway to making a real difference in the lives of others.

You’ll get three lesson collections — so whether you want to use your coaching skills for meaningful employment, starting a coaching business, taking your business to the next level, or making a difference as a changemaker, you’ll find potent resources to guide and inspire your journey to success. And you’ll get focused workshop-style Impact Sessions led by experts in the field to help you create greater clarity around your vision.

Create your own business: Get business, marketing, and outreach training from some of the brightest leaders in the industry. Learn how you could get a steady stream of clients and grow your business so you can have a greater impact on more people.

Secure a job that allows you to change the world with your skills: We’ll show you how to get a competitive edge in the marketplace, build a winning resume, and stand out to employers as a high-value addition to their team.

Become a food revolutionary leader advocating for positive change in your community: You’ll be able to use the Plant-Based Coaching training in limitless settings — from creating community gardens to influencing policy to eloquently communicating all the benefits of plant-based eating to local or international groups, and more.

Entrepreneurship Collection

This lesson plan is subject to change:

Get step-by-step business, marketing, and outreach training from some of the brightest people in business and marketing. Starting with messaging, we’ll guide you to develop a business that aligns with your values and attracts your ideal clients. Learn how you could get a steady stream of potential clients and grow your business so you can have a greater impact on more people.

Lesson 1: Defining Your Vision and Goals

Lesson 2: Identifying Your Target Market

Lesson 3: Developing Your Unique Value Proposition

Lesson 4: Creating Your Compelling Offer

Lesson 5: Engaging in Professional Financial Management

Lesson 6: Building a Strong Brand

Lesson 7: Establishing Your Marketing and Promotion

Lead Faculty:
Melinda Cohan

Co-founder & CEO, The Coaches Console

Employment Collection

This lesson plan is subject to change:

For those who are seeking to get a leg up working in the field of health and wellness. We’ll discuss the essentials in positioning yourself as a temporary contractor, expanding an existing career to incorporate plant-based lifestyle coaching, and finding a side gig, or full-time employment.

Lesson 1: Identifying Your Strengths

Lesson 2: Getting to Know The Field

Lesson 3: Developing a Professional Online Presence

Lesson 4: Networking and Building Relationships

Lesson 5: Interview Preparation and Techniques

Lesson 6: Continuous Professional Development

Lead Faculty:
Theresa Kepple

Leadership Coach, Women Rocking Business

Changemaker Collection

This lesson plan is subject to change:

Be a part of the real food revolution by making a difference in your community. Be inspired by our revolutionaries who upgrade school lunches, plant community gardens, help underserved families gain access to healthy food, influence public policy, and more.

Lesson 1: Understanding Community Needs

Lesson 2: Advocating for Policy Change

Lesson 3: Collaborating with Schools

Lesson 4: Establishing Community Gardens

Lesson 5: Partnering with Local Farmers and Food Suppliers

Lesson 6: Engaging Underserved Communities

Lesson 7: Collaboration with Nonprofit Organizations

Lead Faculty:
Ocean Robbins

Co-founder & CEO, Food Revolution Network

Lianna Levine Reisner, MSOD

President and Network Director of Plant Powered Metro New York

Impact Sessions

Built into the curriculum are workshop-style Impact Sessions led by our faculty and designed to help you design the life you want to live while making an Impact with this work in the world. Gain clarity and create your action plan as you explore our lessons in each collection - Entrepreneurship, Employment and Changemaker.

Because of Food Revolution Network’s PBCC course and the extensive information, advice, and training, I am no longer limited to being just a lifestyle coach. I’ve already coached a couple of new clients as a plant-based health coach — with fantastic results.

I was even able to put together a test website called Batch Cook Maven to launch my online presence and truly enter the world of health coaching.

headshot of wendy

Wendy M.

Thanks to Food Revolution Network’s PBCC course I can be a whole-food, plant-based nutrition coach now — it’s not just a dream for the future! I have the skills now to make this happen.

headshot of elizabeth

Elizabeth B.

The combination of expert nutritional science, compassionate coaching skills, and cutting-edge modern marketing tools has equipped me to launch my second career as a plant-based coach. I am changed and grateful and have already begun helping family and friends tweak their diets and lifestyles to alleviate extra weight, high cholesterol, high glucose, and depression.

Ann L.


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Next Level Collection

Ocean Robbins interviews some of the top social entrepreneurship mentors of our times. If you already have a business and want to take it to the next level, or if you imagine you might someday and want to dream — or if you just love learning from some of the brightest minds in social impact business — this collection will inform, galvanize, and inspire you.

You’ll get 18 potent lessons with some of the top conscious entrepreneurship leaders in the world — so you can learn from the best about podcasting, blogging, advertising strategy, how to build a team, online launches, membership programs, writing a book, quiz funnels, how to use artificial intelligence tools, and so much more.

Value: $997
Guest Faculty & Lessons:

Connect With Your “Why”

Ocean Robbins

Developing Core Values that Create Culture

Myila Young

“Wow” Factor: Delivery First, Marketing Second

Jeff Walker

Create & Price Your Offer

Michael Maidens

Easy Enrollment Conversations that Convert

Melinda Cohan

Fundamentals of Copywriting

Gio Marcus

Website Essentials

Melinda Cohan

Content Marketing

Rachel Miller

Organic Social Media

Rachel Miller

Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals

Rachel Miller

Using Quiz Funnels to Create Friendly and Effective Marketing

Ryan Levesque

Writing/Publishing a Book

Reid Tracy

Successful Podcasting

Michael Neeley

Leveraging Paid Traffic to Build Your Audience

Farukh Shroff

Key Learnings From 1,000 Split Tests

Ocean Robbins

Building a Healthy Team

Annie Hyman Pratt

Engaging with Contractors

Myila Young

Launching a Membership Community

Stu McLaren

Special Pricing for Root-Cause Health Coaching

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All participants qualify for a $2,000 tuition discount on Root-Cause Health Coaching, an advanced training based on the Art and Science of Self-Healing & Organ-Mind-Brain Anatomy™. Taught by Lifestyle Prescriptions® University, this optional additional training gives students access to three credentials in one Training:

  • Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach
  • HealthiWealthi™ Coach
  • NBC-HWC Credential — as a National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching approved school, if you complete this optional training, Lifestyle Prescriptions® University prepares you to sit for the NBHWC exam to earn your NBC-HWC credential.

This training also offers an option to continue and earn an Integrated Masters or Ph.D. Doctorate Degree in Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching.

Value: $2,000

Special Pricing For The Coaches Console

coaches console logo

The Coaches Console is an all-in-one system to launch, manage, and grow a coaching business. From creating a professional website to building your email list, to accepting payments easily and creating a seamless experience for your clients, you’ll save time and money by having the essentials all in one place. We’ve arranged a special offer just for members of FRN’s Plant-Based Coaching Certification so you can focus more time on serving clients, and less time on the day-to-day busywork.

With the Coaches Console you’ll have everything in one place so you can…

  • Build a professional website in a breeze (less than 30 minutes!)
  • Enroll clients seamlessly with online agreements and easy payment processes
  • Effectively manage existing clients in a private, dedicated client portal
  • Grow your email list and generate more revenue with automated emails and sales funnels
  • Create and manage group coaching programs so you can leverage your time

Everyone who enrolls in FRN’s Plant-Based Coaching Certification program will receive a free month — plus $100 off the monthly membership, on an ongoing basis — with no long-term contracts or setup fees.

Value: $1,200/year

I am LIT up from the insides and ready to light a path forward for the collective well being of the planet by sharing all this knowledge and wisdom I’ve had the privilege of receiving! 🙏 This program was filled with one expert teacher (and teaching) after another. No stone of learning or thread of support was left untended or turned over. I am blown away by the love, intelligence, and diversity of the faculty, coaches, and support team. I am enlivened by the community at FRN and have found a home, and I feel connected in a profound way with my mission as a food activist.

headshot of tracey

Tracey T.

I feel ready to move toward being a voice for the whole foods plant-based movement.

Melinda F.

Through the PBCC I learned ways to coach others to make progress toward their defined goals. Instead of telling others they shouldn’t eat this or that, I now ask them about their goals, and I listen more to help them define a variety of ways to meet those goals. The information I received is supported by solid research and provided practical information. I really appreciated PBCC’s flexibility in being able to complete lessons on my own time.

headshot of Teri

Teri T.

Use Your Plant-Based Coaching Certification To Revolutionize The World

Gain the skills you need to step onto your path with clarity and confidence. You could:

  • Fuel the movement to help more people achieve their health goals
  • Start a podcast, become a world-class speaker, or write a book to reach thousands of people at once
  • Support yourself, your family, and your future and have better work-life balance
  • Work with clients from anywhere in the world (with the freedom to travel for months each year if you want!)
  • Become an outspoken advocate for change within the food industry
  • Advocate for wellness in disadvantaged populations
  • Create a ripple effect of healing within entire families and communities
  • Be a vital part of the solution to climate change, deforestation, species extinction, and animal cruelty

Food Revolution Network Plant-Based Coaching Certification Includes

  • Unlimited access to more than 75 lessons in Nutrition, Coaching & Impact, taught by top experts
  • More than 200 handouts, templates & guides
  • Live Q&A and training calls
  • Live Practice Pods and Impact Sessions
  • Community Forum moderated by our team of experts
  • Certificate upon Successful Completion
  • Qualifying graduates can receive 24 CE/CPD credits through NBHWC and CPD Standards UK
  • Bonus: 2024 & 2025 Food Revolution Summit Empowerment Packages
  • Bonus: Next Level Collection
  • Bonus: Discounted pricing on Root-Cause Health Coaching
  • Bonus: Discounted pricing for Coaches Console

The PBCC program is so unique. It not only provides accurate and necessary information regarding the healthiest and most beneficial way to approach food — but also how to build a business and get clients! It provided knowledge, experience, and the confidence I needed to make an impact on the world.

headshot of tekla

Tekla G.

I can't speak highly enough about it. Food Revolution Network is blazing the trail, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it.

headshot of michele

Michele W.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from other health coaching offerings?

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This is a full-suite, world-class curriculum with 3 pillars to give you what’s truly needed to create large-scale change. Our nutrition training is evidence-based and focuses on a whole foods, plant-based approach. The coaching component consists of the latest behavioral science and effective coaching techniques to create lasting behavior change. And the Impact pillar provides the essentials coaches need to start or grow a profitable business, to position themselves for work in the industry, or to make a difference in their communities.

As a free bonus, you get ongoing membership to Food Revolution Network’s WHOLE Life Club, for continued training in the latest health and well-being practices. And we provide hundreds of delicious plant-based recipes as a resource to share with your clients.

What is the class format?

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The class format is all online, with a mix of recorded and live training, written handouts, guides, live Practice Pods, and live Q&A. You’ll also be invited to join the online forum to connect with your faculty and student community.

How much time do I have to complete the lessons?

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We’ll deliver the program on a schedule designed to complete the material in approximately six months. This ensures students have a cohesive experience with their cohort. And you’ll have ongoing access to all the materials, so you can listen again, or engage with any of the content in the future, any time you like.

What can I do once I’m certified?

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Graduates will have critical resources to enable them to work with individual clients, create group coaching programs, partner with other healthcare professionals, and work in other wellness settings such as fitness centers, spas, corporate wellness companies, and the natural foods industry.

Whichever path you take, you’ll have the tools you need to provide an unparalleled experience for your clients with a specialization in whole-food plant-based nutrition. And if you want to build a membership program, launch, and scale an online business, or use podcasts, social media, paid traffic, and blogging effectively, you’ll have top-notch resources and pathways forward to help you share your nutritional wisdom with the world.

This training is also for you if you want to become an advocate for change within your family, local or global communities, and workplaces. Our graduates receive a solid foundation to effect positive change in any setting they choose.

Who is this coaching certification for?

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FRN’s Plant-Based Coaching Certification is open to leaders in the health field, including existing

  • Doctors
  • Dietitians
  • Health coaches
  • Nurses
  • Chiropractors
  • Therapists
  • Psychologists
  • And other wellness professionals who want to be able to offer their clients an evidence-based approach to health and longevity.

It’s also perfect for those who want to launch a new business or career as an FRN Certified Plant-Based Coach.

This is for you if you want to gain the knowledge and skills you need to spread the whole foods, plant-based revolution, and help us change the way the world eats. And huge bonus points for your application if you have professional experience or plans to make this a part of your work in the world.

What kind of certificate is it? What / who is the certifying organization?

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The certification we offer comes from Food Revolution Network. If you complete the course in good standing and pass the exams that demonstrate comprehension of what you’ve learned, then you will be able to say that FRN has certified that you have completed its Plant-Based Coaching program.

You can add your certification to your website, professional bio, resume, and LinkedIn profiles. While this is not an academic certification, and it has no legal or licensing meaning, you can use what you learn in this program anywhere in the world.

Will this course qualify for CE credits/units?

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Yes, graduates of PBCC qualify for the following continuing education credits at no additional cost:

After completing a brief CE/CPD exam administered by the Lifestyle Prescriptions® University in partnership with the non-profit Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation, graduates receive 24 CE/CPD credits from the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) and 24 CE/CPD credits from the CPD Standards Office.

Additionally for RDs/RDNs, all activities offered by the Food Revolution Network's Plant-based Coaching Certification are eligible to receive CPEU’s by the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

Would PBCC qualify me to take the board exam through the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching?

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We considered setting this program up to be accredited for and prepare participants to sit for the NBHWC exam. But as we explored that path, we determined that would dominate what we could offer. Because not everyone taking this certification desires NBHWC certification, and because a lot of what we want to share (like business development and Impact) is not relevant to that goal, we determined that, at least for now, it doesn’t make sense to make that the centerpiece of our program. This enables us to be more comprehensive in what we offer and to support people from a wider range of professional contexts. We have partnered with Lifestyle Prescriptions University for participants who want an expedited and heavily discounted pathway to qualify for the NBHW exam after completion of the PBCC certification.

Does this course qualify me for any advanced education opportunities?

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Yes! All graduates of PBCC qualify for a $2,000 tuition discount and accelerated pathway for advanced training in Root-Cause Health Coaching with Lifestyle Prescriptions® University. This training gives students access to three credentials in one training:

  • Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach
  • HealthiWealthi™ Coach
  • NBC-HWC Credential — as an NBHWC approved school you may sit for the NBHWC exam to earn your NBC-HWC credential.

Graduates of PBCC earn 40 ECTS degree program credits at Lifestyle Prescriptions® University and have the option to continue and earn an Integrated Master’s or Ph.D. Doctorate Degree in Lifestyle Medicine and Health Coaching.

Do I need to eat a strict plant-based diet or require that my clients eat 100% plant-based foods?

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No. This certification is open to all who are interested in promoting the many benefits of a plant-based diet. That could mean simply increasing the amount of plant-based whole foods and decreasing the amount of animal products, or it could mean adopting a 100% plant-based lifestyle. While the focus of the certification espouses whole, plant-based food, we appreciate that there is a spectrum and welcome a diversity of eaters.

When are the live trainings?

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The live training components will happen on various days of the week and will generally be held at 9 am Pacific Time, 12 pm Eastern, and 4 pm GMT (depending on Daylight Savings Time), as well as some later sessions (later in North American time zones, that is!), to accommodate those in international locations. These will be pre-scheduled and announced in advance. Recordings will be made available to those who are unable to attend live.

How many hours a week will I need to dedicate?

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Full participation in the learning will require approximately 5–6 hours per week. (Less if you don’t engage in Pillar 3, or if you decide to spread your learning out over more time, and more if you want to dive deeper or engage in building a business or other aspects of the program as we go.)

Will I start a business and make money?

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That depends on what you want to do! The Impact Pillar contains several collections to choose from. Whether you want to start a business or add to your existing practice, gain traditional employment, or use your skills to be a food revolutionary in your local or global communities, you’ll get the insights you need to move forward. The Entrepreneur Collection contains lessons in marketing, business building, and attracting ideal clients. The Employment Collection focuses on standing out in the job marketplace, positioning your skills, resume building, and exploring job opportunities. We also share ways you can promote mission-driven passion projects that make a real difference with the Changemaker Collection.

As soon as you join, you’ll get access to the bonus Next Level collection and our robust library of bonus materials — perfect for those who want to dive into topics like podcasts, membership programs, scaling traffic, writing a book, and running a growing team. In some cases, this will be more of a “taster” than a true immersion. And some of our guest faculty run programs themselves which could be fabulous next steps.

The Impact Pillar will give you enormous value and life-changing resources and action steps you can take for tremendous results. Of course, we can’t guarantee any specific financial gain since that depends on how you use the program. However, any one of the ideas you glean could be worth way more than the price of admission.

What is the process for enrolling?

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The first step is to apply and submit a $100 deposit. If you’re accepted as a student, your deposit will go towards your tuition. This deposit will be refunded if you or the advisors decide it’s not a good fit at this time.

When is the application deadline?

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Applications are being accepted now for the January 2025 cohort, and we are enrolling on a first come, first served basis with a hard cap on the number of students we accept. The deadline to apply is whenever we fill up, or January 8th, 2025, at 11:59 PM PT — whichever comes first. To ensure your spot, apply today.

What is the refund policy?

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If you’re accepted as a student, you’ll have two weeks from the date you’re accepted into the program (or three days before the program start date, whichever comes first), to make your first payment, in order to secure your spot. You can begin a payment plan, with successive payments per month for the ensuing five months. Or you can save if you pay in full. Your $100 deposit will be deducted from your first payment or your full payment, whichever you choose.

  • If you cancel by December 16, 2024, your payments will be refundable in full.
  • Because the certification cohort has limited spaces, each spot held is a spot that is not available for someone else. As a result, we will refund all payments received to date minus a $500 fee, if you cancel after December 16, 2024.
  • If you cancel after the start date (January 20, 2025), but within the first 60 days of the start date (March 20, 2025), you will receive a refund minus $2,000 or whatever you have paid to date, whichever is less.
  • After March 20, 2025 the entirety of your tuition is non-refundable.

Will there be a directory that connects people with your certified coaches?

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Food Revolution Network is committed to helping you build your business! We are paying for all qualified graduates to get a free year of listing at the Plantrician Project’s online directory of plant-based healthcare providers. Food Revolution Network will also email our list of nearly a million members (and growing!) to help connect you to clients who are looking for a plant-based coach. To qualify, program participants will need to pass the final exam and fill out their profile for a year of complimentary listing.

Where can I get other questions answered?

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Email us with any questions or click here to book a call with a program advisor today.


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