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The Plant-Based Coaching Workshop: How to Change Lives Doing What You Love

(Even if you’re just starting out, or simply want to coach friends, family, or yourself!)

October 6–8, 2023

How It Works: Each day of the workshop, we will broadcast a new session starting at 11 am ET / 8 am PT / 3 pm GMT. After each day’s screening ends, the workshop will be available on replay for a day. Each session will run for about 3 hours.

The plant-based movement is growing by leaps and bounds. Around the world, doctors, hospitals, companies, health insurers, and governments are promoting plant-based lifestyles to support human health and environmental sustainability. More than half of all Americans now want to eat more plant foods, and tens of millions of people are asking, “Is a plant-based diet right for me?”

But building a more plant-based world takes more than just telling people to eat more vegetables and fewer animal products.

Effective plant-based coaching takes three things:

Nutritional knowledge.

Powerful coaching skills.

And Impact training.

And that’s exactly what we’re covering in this upcoming three-part workshop series.

Coaches who know how to successfully guide clients and impact communities will thrive in the years to come — doing meaningful work, starting or growing their own businesses, securing jobs with forward-thinking companies and organizations, and becoming trailblazers as they bring the food revolution to the world. And the same principles that can help you change the world are also helpful if you just want to coach loved ones (or yourself).

And we can’t wait.

Because the modern diet is fueling an epidemic of disease.

Because industrialized agriculture has become one of the most environmentally destructive forces on the planet.

Because we can do better. We can save lives. And the time for urgent action is now.

Never before has there been such a tremendous opportunity to be a beacon of hope and an agent of change.

In this content-rich LIVE workshop, you’ll discover:

  • What the latest research tells us about the exact foods that have the power to prevent — and in many cases, reverse — disease. You’ll learn the simple dietary shifts that can kick off a healing transformation and the specific nutrients that are shown to increase lifespan, improve heart health, starve cancer, slash the risk of dementia, decrease type 2 diabetes markers, and much more.
  • The essentials that belong in a plant-based kitchen, and what other key recommendations besides food will help clients go from struggling to singing your praises.
  • The common pitfalls of a plant-based diet… and how to overcome the dangers so you can guide clients to gain maximum benefits without risking their health.
  • How to build trust quickly and set healthy boundaries with clients so you stay within your scope (and don’t burn out from caregiver’s fatigue!)
  • The big mistake that outdated coaching techniques make — and how to motivate your clients to go from wanting to change… to doing it.
  • The successful strategy you could use for getting clients to find you and beg you to work with them — or how to start running group programs to reach more people.
  • How to be of service in at-risk communities, tips for eating well on a budget, and straightforward but highly effective ways to bring the plant-based movement to the world.

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Hi, I’m Ocean Robbins

Interest in plant-based eating is growing fast.

It seems like every day there are new plant-based foods in the marketplace.

Schools, hospitals, and even fast-food restaurants are encouraging plant-based options. And in July of 2023, the US Conference of Mayors, which represents 1,400 cities across the US, adopted a resolution calling for the promotion of plant-based diets to support human health, medical care savings, and environmental restoration.

Food Revolution Network is feeling the love, too. Our membership is soaring with almost a million people now subscribed to our newsletters. And we’re just getting started!

Yet very few plant-based coaches exist (so far).

This means there’s a huge opportunity.

If you join me and our guest experts for this workshop, we promise to share how you can turn your passion into impact, so you can help people accomplish their health goals — improving human lives and our planet, for generations to come.

We’re bringing in luminaries from the coaching, business-building, and lifestyle worlds (all socially responsible and evidence-based) to show you what’s possible in plant-based coaching and how you can facilitate positive changes for your clients. For life.

See you there!

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Your Workshop Facilitators

Ocean Robbins

Co-founder & CEO, Food Revolution Network

Nichole Dandrea-Russert, MS, RDN

Lead Dietitian & Recipe Developer, Food Revolution Network

Tracy Garrigan, CHHC

PBCC Founding Director & Program Manager, Food Revolution Network

Brenda Davis, RD

Million-copy bestselling author and plant-based nutrition expert

Michael Klaper, MD

One of the foremost plant-based nutrition experts in the world

Roman Pawlak, PhD, RD

Associate Professor of Nutrition and Author

Howard Jacobson, PhD

Co-founder & Lead Instructor, WellStart Health Coaching Academy

Makini Duewa, NBC-HWC

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Functional Nutrition, Holistic Health, and Lifestyle Practitioner

Melinda Cohan

Co-founder & CEO, The Coaches Console

Sage Lavine

Founder & CEO, Women Rocking Business

Theresa Kepple

Leadership Coach, Women Rocking Business

Johannes Fisslinger

Founder, Lifestyle Prescriptions University

Joy Smith

International dance and fitness presenter, master trainer for Zumba Fitness

Join us LIVE October 6–8, 2023!

Day 1: Nutrition

You’ll find out about the power of plants to heal lives and prevent chronic illness. We’ll also share a research-based analysis of the key benefits and pitfalls of a plant-based diet — and how to maximize the benefits and overcome the dangers. You’ll also learn the essentials of creating a plant-based kitchen. This is for you if you believe that food matters and you would like to help people optimize nutrition in their lives.

Day 2: Impact

We’ll look at the expanding field of plant-based coaching, and at the many ways to make a hobby, a side gig, or a thriving career out of helping people heal their lives. We’ll look at the employment opportunities available in the field, and at how existing healthcare professionals can bring lifestyle medicine into their practice. You’ll learn how you could build a business as a plant-based coach. And we’ll look at proven strategies for making an impact in your family, your community, and on our planet.

Day 3: Coaching

We’ll look at breakthrough research on how to create lasting behavior change. We’ll share the foundations of intrinsic motivation, goal setting, accountability, building trust and rapport, non-verbal communication, active listening, and demonstrating presence — and how it all relates to plant-based coaching. This is for you if you’re passionate about helping others make the transition from knowing what to do to doing what they know — so they can achieve lasting results.

We’ll also introduce Food Revolution Network’s Plant-Based Coaching Certification, where you can gain the in-demand skills to:

  • Launch a successful business as a Plant-Based Coach, or add plant-based coaching to your existing practice
  • Get hired as a part-time or full-time employee by forward-thinking companies and organizations
  • Be part of the plant-based coaching revolution

With a special offer that’s only available for workshop participants!

It’s Time for a Plant-Based Food Revolution.

Let’s do this, together.